Contractor Assurance

At Primat, we pride ourselves with offering a comprehensive service to our customers, which stretches beyond supplying qualified personnel to meet clients’ recruitment requirements. The team works with customers to advise, maintain governance and ensure best practice in dealing with the contractor population from on-boarding, to daily operations and upskilling to contract reassignment or termination

This is what we would call a sustainable model; below is an overview of the services our Contractor Assurance team offer:

  1. Compliance experts: The team’s main focus is to ensure that all our customers’ engagements with contractors, whether they are PSC, PAYE or Umbrella, are carried out compliantly and in line with HMRC regulations. Keeping abreast of all relevant legislation (including IR35 and AWR) and being able to advise on such matters is reassuring to both customers and the contractor population we work with. This places our Contractor Assurance capability at the centre of fostering good relationships between our customers and their contractors, thus allowing for the compliant retention of the best workforce.
  2. Contractor focal point: We believe that effective communication is at the core of any successful business relationship. This is why we act as a primary point of contact between our customers and the contractor population. This ensures that contractors are always up to date with changes within the business and have a direct, single point of contact should they have any queries. Similarly, our dedicated Contractor Assurance Advisors build strong relationships with relevant hiring and line managers across our customers’ business and work towards raising awareness of contractor related matters, including regulation.
  3. Procedure implementation: There are a number of tax, employment law and commercial matters which must be considered prior to a business engaging and independent contractor. Failure to recognise these can lead to financial and/or reputational loss on behalf of both the contractor and the business. Our Contractor Assurance team will significantly decrease the risk of such losses being suffered, by writing and implementing a ‘Contractor Engagement Procedure’ across our clients’ business. This means our customer’s approach to contractor engagement is streamlined, transparent and compliant.