Payroll Management

Primat is a self-billing payment company with a dedicated payroll team which processes all contractor timesheets. The team, based centrally in our Darlington HQ, calculate all gross pay, tax and VAT for all of our contractors. In addition, all remittances/payslips detailing the breakdown of every payment is sent directly to our contractors. On an average week, the payroll team processes over 30,000 timesheets.

PSC/ PAYE/ Umbrella

PSC/ PAYE/ Umbrella/ - timesheets are all processed to the same standard (paid by ‘hours/days worked’)

How it works:

Manual timesheets – contractor fills in timesheet, passes it to line manager for authorization then they send it to the timesheets inbox. All contractors are set up as weekly paid but it is up to them when they send the timesheet in (weekly or monthly) this gives the contractors a lot of flexibility on pay.
Tuesday morning is the timesheet submission deadline and payment is made Friday the same week. (this is a deadline for all timesheets)

Electronic timesheets (Timenet is one of them) – once authorised and verified, it is automatically exported to payroll. Same timescales as above

Timenet is an AFW system used for costing.

Electronic system (Convero) – once they filled out the timesheet it is electronically verified by line manager and then the contractor needs to scan it and send to timesheets inbox.

Offshore Timenet – the contractors fill out manual timesheets they give it to an offshore timewrigther and they send payroll a print (authorised scanned copy) of that for processing.

PIA, Ingen and Scopus (Legacy FW) – they use a spreadsheet which gets sent manually to payroll there is no timesheets but the same deadline applies.

Flexibility of frequency (fortnightly, monthly etc) – if the contractors want to change to monthly they have to email the dedicated inbox to make payroll aware following the above deadline

HMRC approved – All payroll systems need to be HMRC approved due to tax, NI and Pension deductions. Payroll send weekly reports to HMRC (RTI – Real Time Information);

Expenses: Authorised forms received, processed for VAT deductions where applicable and sent to payroll for payment

Exactly the same deadline as above.

Aftercare: We have a dedicated team here to answer all or any queries and issues our contractors might have, which gives peace of mind to both contractor and client.