Vendor Management

Through our Vendor Management competency, we aim to become truly integrated with our customer’s recruitment approach. As Vendor Manager, Primat takes greater responsibility and accountability for managing our customer’s recruitment supply chain. This adds value through reduced supply chain cost, greater efficiency, and an overall reduced risk profile.

Some of the key features of our vendor management competency are described in the table below:


Vendor Management: Features and Benefits
PSL Creation and Performance Measurement Work only with suppliers who truly deliver value to your business. Regular PSL reviews ensure only high performers continue to be engaged.
Recruitment Data Analysis Gain vital understanding of key metrics such as time-to-hire, fill rate, submissions-to-hire, and return on investment, among others, in order to develop, adapt and refine the approach to meet your objectives.
Vacancy Management Deal with a single Primat focal point, with assurance that vacancies will be fully managed across appropriate advertising sources and/or distributed to specialist vendors. This approach ensures that your business receives a refined level of high quality applications to meet your vacancy requirements.
Single Contractual Relationship Vendors enter into a contractual agreement with Primat, not the end customer. Therefore, contractual exposure to the customer is limited.
Competency Management & Vendor Audit Trust that all vendor contractors are competency managed and comply with the same high competency standards to which Primat adheres. Regular vendor audits conducted by Primat ensures continual alignment with customer and industry best practice and legal guidelines.
Negotiation of Terms Leverage greater buying power through Primat’s established vendor network and economies of scale.
On-demand Reporting Instant, cloud based access to Primat’s full reporting suite, including all data relating to respective vendor contractors.